Why change company name?

At ONLY RM450 and you can make a change.

What we need from you?

A desired name of your choice.

However, the proposed name is subject to the approval by the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM or Companies Commission of Malaysia).

Waste no time, just tell us your new company's name.

Important note to you

The OLD/FORMER Company Name must be displayed together with the NEW Company Name for a period of 12 months from the date of change of name.

For example:

New Company Sdn. Bhd.
(Formerly known as Old Company Sdn. Bhd.)


New Company Sdn. Bhd.
(f.k.a. Old Company Sdn. Bhd.)

How we work (procedures for change of company's name)

Let us handle for you, and it costs at ONLY RM450.

Our fees and disbursement

Our total fee and disbursement shall be at ONLY RM450.

Basically, our fees and disbursement include the following:

# each name search = RM50.