Why pay every year? Paid once for all!filing

Why keep on paying fees for Secretarial, Accounting, Audit, Tax filing, Annual Returns to SSM which can sum up to RM2,400++ annually.

Failing to submit annual returns and audited accounts to SSM may cause fine and penalty to the Company, and to directors personally.

After many years, you may want to get rid of it and to save your valuable time and thousands of RM.

Let us help you to legally "close down" the company with minimal cost.

It just costs you ONLY RM1,600 to close down a company, once for all.

Closing down of an existing Sdn Bhd

How to liquidate or wind up a company? There are two ways of closing down the Sdn Bhd Company:

(1) Strike off the registration of Sdn Bhd at SSM
(2) Voluntarily winding up of Sdn Bhd

(1) Strike off the registration of Sdn Bhd at SSM

The Sdn Bhd Company must be inactive for few years and have no outstanding debts or have not commenced any business before.

The Sdn Bhd Company may face problems in striking off the name in SSM due to the following reasons:

Thus, SSM may reject the application for striking off the name and thus SSM may request the Company to go for voluntarily winding up / liquidation.

(2) Voluntarily winding up / Liquidation of Sdn Bhd

The voluntarily winding up involves numberous filings to SSM and meetings by the directors and shareholders as well as advertising on the nationwide newspapers.

The whole process may take 1 to 2 years to complete and our price is ranging from RM20,000 above. (Depends on the complexibility of the exercise).

Please contact us for more details & information. We shall be pleased to discuss with you at a time convenient to you and at no cost.

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