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The first step of the new company registration is the lodgement of name search application to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM Malaysia) for SSM's approval of using the desired name in your new company.


Due to the fact that there are not less than 1,200,000 companies being registered with SSM as at today (11/6/2018), it is strong possibility that someone may have already used the name of your choice in their companies!


Check your new company name with SSM online system before registering your company!


Save your name search fee charged by SSM

With a quick brief view of registered company names at SSM registry of companies, you will have a better idea to decide your new company name.


The move will avoid using identical existing registered names and minimise the possibility of being rejected by SSM. The most important thing is, save you from incurring possible additional charges payable to SSM.


Login to SSM Online System

1.   Visit to

2.   Click on the icon stating "Register as e-Account Member!"

3.   Fill in the "e-Registration Form", then submit

4.   You will receive a message "Please login now"

5.   Login with your user name & password

6.   Once successful login, click on the icon ">> Search"

7.   Enter your desired company name in the box "By Name"

8.   DONE! Name search result from SSM will be displayed!


Below is a sample SSM brief registry of companies,
click on the snapshot below to see name search by "Genting":-


snapshot of brief ssm registry of companies



Apply new company name to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

Now, with your ideal name(s) from the above analysis & survey and as part of the company registration process, we will submit the name search application to SSM for approval of use of your ideal name in the registration of new company.


Upon approval of name by SSM, the approved company name will be reserved for a period of three (3) months. The completed registration documents are required to be submitted to SSM within the 3-month time for incorporation purposes.


 How long will SSM approve the name search?

We shall receive the approval or rejection letter from SSM within 1-2 working days.


 What if SSM does not approve the name search?

SSM will normally reject the application of new company name on the following reasons:


What can we do if the proposed company's name is strongly needed for the new business?

We shall appeal in writing to SSM to substantiate reasons why SSM should approve the use of name. However, it is still subject to the final decision by SSM.



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