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Registration of Sole Proprietor and Partnership



How to start up and register a business in Malaysia

In order to kick off a new chapter in your life, you may consider to start up your business in the following entities:

1.    Sole Proprietor (or commonly known as Enterprise/Trading Co)
2.    Partnership
3.    Sdn Bhd (Private Limited)

See what are the differences between Sole Proprietor/Partnership & Sdn Bhd

Why sole proprietorship, enterprise or partnership ?

Sole proprietorship and partnership can be registered and start up with fairly easy with minimal capital requirements.

All you need to do is to visit the business registration counter at any SSM office & follow the application procedures, within one or two hours, you can start your business immediately!

What are needed before going to SSM office ?

1.    You must be a Malaysian Citizen or a Permanent Resident.  
       (Foreigners are not allowed to register sole proprietorship or

2.    Photocopy of Malaysian Identity Card of the owner / partners.

3.    Cash (RM120 - RM150)

Click here to see SSM offices in Malaysia!

What are the disadvantages of sole proprietorship / partnership?

How to choose a name for your business ?

You can either use your own name as stated in your Identity Card (e.g. Ali Bin Sulaiman or Lee Kim Lim or LKL Trading) or a trade name (e.g. Baba Nasi Enterprise or Yummy Chicken Restaurant) for your business / partnership.

Can we help you to register for you ?

All management firms are not allowed to register Sole Proprietor / Partnership on behalf for owners/partners. The owners / partners are required to personally visit SSM offices to register their companies / change business details / close their companies.