Income Tax Relief on Interest of Housing Loan


The tax relief on interest of housing loan is RESTRICTED to a maximum of RM10,000 and is deductible for each basis year for a period of three consecutive years of assessment as from the date in which the interest is first expended (RM10,000 x 3 years = RM30,000)


Conditions for eligibility:


If a property is jointly purchased by more than one person, all of them are entitled for the relief restricted to maximum of RM10,000 per year.



If you bought a residential house for your own use in May 2009, you are allowed to claim loan interest relief of up to RM10,000 per year for 3 years of assessment, from YA 2009 up to YA 2011, provided you have incurred the interest expense in the respective YA (RM10,000 x 3 years = RM30,000)


If the house is purchased in 2010, you are allowed to claim from YA 2010 up to YA 2012.


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Income Tax Act, 1967

Section 46B. Deduction for individual on interest expended

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