Things you need to know after registered your company


This article is designed to introduce you to things you need to know after registered your company, start your business with peace of minds. It gives you the basic and important company information that may be vital to the success of your new business venture.


NBC Group has helps hundreds of our clients to register their companies for the past 10 years. During all these years of servicing to our clients, we have always been asked by our clients, things they need to know after registered their company.


What are the things you may want to know more to kick start your business? What can you do to have a flying start? What do you need to do after company registration? Here's a checklist you need to consider. You may have heard or known many of these; others you meant to do and forgot about; still others you've never heard of. Take a while to look into it, you may find it useful.



Corporate compliance






Company Secretary


Income Tax Agent



Business operations


Service Tax / Sales Tax




PCB (Potongan Cukai Berjadual / Schedular Tax Deduction)




Signboard and Trading Licenses


Income Tax & Company Car


Getting Loan From Bankers


Business Plan & Company Profile


Ministry of Finance (MOF license)


Goods and Services Tax (GST)